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*Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* 4
...Wrong! Life always finds a way. Lilith had a brain fart and forgot about having multiple wombs. The tentacle creature found an empty womb and emptied it's eggs into her, causing her stomach to expand even further outward to almost bursting. When it was done filling her, it gently let her down. Her old clothes weren't going to fit her now blimp sized belly so she decided to waddle back to their home nude, obviously scaring a lot of folks haha. Lilith and Eva did make a note of the location of this place, in case they wanted to go back and have some more fun...maybe when they're less pregnant of course.
*Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* 3
First off, sorry about the absence. Summer has been quite busy for me, lotta traveling and other fun events. I know I kinda just stopped at 2 and I'm sure y'all wanted to see what happened.

After the near birth scare, Lilith and Eva continued their adventure and found themselves in what looked like some sort of artificial jungle. Something was off though, they could hear heavy breathing and the "plants" seemed to move on their own. Now I'm sure you've figured it out already, but they weren't plants, they were a mishmash of different kinds of tentacle monsters. One slimy creature grabbed Lilith, immediately tore her clothes off and started having its way with her. Lilith had been in these situations before and wasn't too worried, she figured once the monster was either tired or realized she was already pregnant, that it would let her go. I mean it's not like it could get her MORE pregnant...right?
*Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* 2
It all started when Lilith and Eva discovered a derelict science facility in their travels. The two demon girls were curious so they decided to explore the place. Probably not the best of ideas considering Lilith was due to give birth to her demon spawn any day now and Eva herself was quite ripe with her own spawn growing in her womb. Not far into the facility, Lilith doubled over moaning in pain. Her stomach was tight and she started to feel contractions. Eva was able to assist her extremely gravid friend to the medical wing of the facility. Strangely enough power was still running throughout the place. Lilith was able to get herself on one of the medical tables while Eva checked to see what was going on down below. After a little while and no progress, the contractions seemingly stopped. It was chalked up to false labor and after a short rest, the two ventured further into the facility.

To be continued...



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First of all, just wanted to apologize for the latest inactivity, been a busy summer for me and because of that I haven't had a lot of time to get on here.

So now that that is out of the way, I want to say thank you to everyone who is watching me/liked and downloaded my pics/been so kind to me. I know for a lot of the veteran DevArt people 20K isn't a huge deal, but the fact that I only started posting really last year, it means a huge amount to me. I first started this profile mainly to lurk other peoples preggo work, but obviously it has expanded(pun intended lol) into what it is now and it wouldn't have been that way if it wasn't for all you awesome people giving me feedback and requests. Again I and my gracious preggy guinea pig Lilith thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Here's to 20K more views hopefully.

I should probably do a special set for the 20K, but not totally sure what...any ideas guys? Lol.
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Hi I'm Lilith and I absolutely love pregnant bellies and also yeah hope you guys enjoy my stuff and thank you for visiting my page!


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Not gonna badger anyone for points, but if ya wanna donate that would be totally awesome. After 7 years I'm kinda curious about this Core thingy I've been hearing about lol. Not gonna have a goal or anything, just gonna leave it here at the mercy of you guys. Still gonna upload pics, but thinking I'll do some "thank you" pics if certain milestones are reached, with Lilith's belly getting bigger and bigger obviously lol. Never mind, it's forcing me to have a goal, so it's 1 I guess haha.

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